Creating a college graduate resume ain’t fun – we know it. We really do. One day you’re out there partying hard and the next day you realize it’s time to be a grown-up – to get a job. Worry not, leave the dirty work to us cause we’re about to teach you how to create a resume for fresh graduates. 

If you’re alien to creating a resume or a cover letter or even worse – don’t know how long the resume should be and which resume template you should use, you should really the complete blog. 

Houston, we’ve got a resume problem 

Here are some pointers before you set out to create a college graduate resume:

  • List all your abilities/skills: Be it creating content on YouTube or problem-solving skills, make sure aren’t missing those out.
  • Have a cover letter ready: you never know when you need it. Get a professional to write it if you have a hard time writing one.
  • Reverse chronological order: meaning your latest degree should be the first thing your employers should see in the education section.
  • Clearly have in mind which job you’re applying to: Don’t create a generic resume for 4 positions. Have separate ones for each of those designations. 

Resume Template: Do’s and Don’ts

  • “We asked for a Resume – not an essay, dammit!”

First things first – your recent graduate resume should be like one of your college essays. You aren’t here to get into the New York Times, are ya? 

  • Numbers – it’s a numbers game

Imagine a just-out-of-college resume objective that reads ‘I just completed my internship in data science engineering. I was a part of an internal project team that develops algorithms to convert raw data into actionable information – which is quite phenomenal.

But imagine one that reads – “Oracle certified Data Science Engineer interned for 3 months. Created a data pipeline that can process up to 500 gigabytes of data/minute and achieved 130% ROI” 

Now you tell us which one would get more eyes rolling? 

Studies suggest that your resume gets under 10 seconds to make an impression. So, the more catchy you make it, the more your chances are to make the initial cut.

  • Education section > Any other section

Since we’re talking about a resume for a recent college graduate, we assume you don’t have a lot of work experience in your portfolio. So, your education section is your best shot at landing that job.